Hello and a very warm welcome to you, reader!

I am Vanesa, a little woman with thick, wavy hair and a soft heart. I’m a psychotherapy student intrigued by human vulnerability as well as strength. I love to laugh, dance, paint and draw, cook and bake, read people to sleep, … but the best way to express oneself – the most direct and thrilling way to convey anything, be it an idea, a feeling, the sweet melting sensation of being in love or the mere existential anguish of living – is writing to me. That is why I brought this blog into being (after planning on doing it for years). To make space for just that. Express myself as directly and truthfully as I can.

If my writing happens to evoke some sort of feeling in you, be it enjoyment, curiosity, comfort or abhorrence even, please feel free to contact me about it. I am always glad to chat.