Vetting Men

This kind of story is part of the many, many reasons why I believe women should first and foremost learn how to properly vet the men they are seeing. I personally feel better learning stuff by listening to other people’s experiences without having to put myself in unsafe situations. Maybe you do so, too – in which case feel free to join me on this blog entry.

A man can marry you, build a family, businesses and life with you – all while he still knows you are not his dream woman. What he‘s doing is use you for your feminine attributes, your time and support, your warmth, and last but not least his financial gain. Since the 50/50 lifestyle, which most empowered women have taken to, offloads his shoulders and allows him to save 50% of his earnings on some private account which you know nothing about.

As soon as this man has reached the pinnacle of his career (usually at around 45 years of age), he starts looking around for his actual dream woman which he then impresses with the lifestyle he’s built at your cost. Next thing he leaves you – breaking it to you via e-mail – for a 24 year old he fell in love with. I‘ve heard so many of these stories up to now.

You, the woman whom he was with initially, who built him up – also called the “Builder Woman” or “Bob the Builder” – failed to require of him what you’re entitled to as his lady, and rightfully so: To step up, lead and provide. Which is what. men. are. here. for. They’re built to protect and provide. His new woman contributed nothing to his success. She won’t sit at a table with his friends explaining how she paid 50% of the mortgage on your house. He won’t feel like he has to compete with that type of woman, which is what men ultimately want.

Men assign value to whoever or whatever their money goes to, they’re quite simple in this respect. This is why he will value you 50% less in a scenario where you go Dutch with him, 50% less than if you required him to provide 100%. If he decides to leave in that case, it is you who has their savings up and you don’t lie in shambles, trying to build your whole life anew.

This feminism-think is leaving women heart-broken, money-less and not taken care of. Rather think long-term stability instead. Properly vet men and discard of any who do not show sincere intent and full commitment. This is the most empowering thing to do. 90% of your life’s quality comes from your marriage with a man, directly or indirectly (but that’s for another post). So make sure the man is solid.

In case you felt offended in some way or another: I’m not politically correct – it works only in theory, not in real life. Instead I consider myself naturally correct. ✨

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